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Unique Fused Glass, Mosaic, Wood, and Metal Art

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There are two different styles of flattened bottles.  Decorated bottles are generally those that had paper labels which have been removed and replaced with glass decoration that had been fused onto the bottle at 1400 degrees in the kiln.  The other style is bottles that have labels that are painted on.  These bottles are flattened in the kiln at 1400 degrees and the original winery label is still visible.
All bottles are food and dishwasher safe as they have all been flattened at 1400 degrees.  The bottles have an integeral hook for hanging the bottle on the wall for decoration.  A spreader with a fused glass jewel is also included for when it is used as a tray for cheese or hors-d' oeuvres'.
We can work with you to create bottles for special gifts or flatten special bottles of yours with painted labels.  The bottles make great hostess gifts or gifts for any occasion.